.....Do you often place an order then see a new bow and think I really want that an find it annoying that you have already ordered so then are in two minds? If so then this new monthly open bow box is perfect for you.
This will give you the option to add to your open box at any time with no restrictions what's so amazing about it you ask? Well this will give you chance to pay just one postage cost therefore saving you money!  So if you are a regular customer sounds perfect right? or even if you are not a regular and would like the option to hold an open box then do also feel free.


I will post your box of chosen hair accessories within 5/7 working days of you placing your final order, if you do need sooner then either leave a note in the notes section or message me and I aim to answer emails within 24 hours.

Monthly open bow box (Use openbox when selecting your postage)

  • If you have shopped with me before you may well be aware of my open box. You will be aware I introduced open boxes for those customers placing regular orders to save on postage. If your new to Bows and Frills then this is what open box means you can order and pay for any bows on the website using my 'OPENBOX' shipping option this will then notify me to add your order to an open box for you and you will not pay postage until you have finished filling your box, you can then reorder the next day or a few days or a week ect later and simply use the same shipping option, these will then also be added to your box, when you are ready for your for me to post out, on your final order. Contact me via email or facebook to arrange the postage option you will need to select at checkout when placing your final order!


    ​This means for example if you see only one bow you like today but intend to order more soon. You will only pay one postage charge instead of multiple!

    Any questions feel free to ask